Mel RJ Smith : Author

imageHello and welcome.

As a self published author of my debut book ‘Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy’ I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce myself and my work as depicted below.

  • Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy  ~ A humorous tale of my life. Just an ordinary not rich, not famous guy.
  • A Time for Adventure ~ As the name suggests a time travel story set in the 1920’s.
  • Escape ~ A Thiller based on the migrant crisis but with a twist.
  • Hoppy Lottie ~ Children’s picture book.

If you scroll down you will find the opening words for each title and a reference to where they stand in regards to completion and publishing. Hopefully this will whet your appetite for more, so I have also provide the first chapters for all titles except Hoppie Lottie  as this is only planned or to be a small manuscript.

If you do find that you enjoy my writings or even if they don’t appeal to you, would you be kind enough to fill out the comments form on each relevant page, and as a way to show my appreciation I will forward an electronic version of my memoirs to the email address you provide.

Of course, if like me, you prefer to feel the weight of a book in your hand you are also welcome to purchase this on paperback.

I must stress at this point that you will not receive any spam emails from me. I will only use this to keep you updated as to when my titles are released. 

Please enjoy, Mel RJ Smith.

You can find the opening paragraphs below.

Opening Paragraph for Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy. Published.

Author Mel RJ Smith

My earliest memories date back to when I was a bonnie wee lad, swinging to and fro in my wooden-slatted swing, which Dad had strung up in the back door leading from the kitchen, to what then appeared to be an extraordinarily large garden. The aroma of Mum’s home-cooked pie and cabbage filled the air, as I swung backwards into the kitchen and the summer sun scorched my blonde curls, as I ventured forth into garden.


Opening paragraph for A Time for Adventure. Complete and edited.

Author Mel RJ Smith

“I say, I’m so awfully sorry,” a female voice said.
Gerry tried to focus on the voice but his vision was blurred as he lay there, stunned.
“Daddy’s going to be so angry with me,” the voice said.

As Gerry lifted himself onto one elbow, the image behind the voice became gradually clearer. In her mid to late twenties, she was an attractive young lady with serene blue eyes, soft skin and brunette curls that fell beneath her cloche hat. That’s the next thing Gerry noticed – her attire. The pale green frock, stocking legs and golf shoes gave her not only an elegant, classy look but also reminded Gerry of a 1920s flapper.


Opening paragraph for Escape. Currently writing, unedited.

Author Mel RJ Smith

Charlie pressed the off button on the remote and wiped the tears from his eyes as he stared at his pregnant wife.
“I’m so sorry soph.” He said.
“Hey, don’t be silly it’s not your fault. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.” She reassured him.
Charlie wished she was right, but it was a job after all. He had only been doing it a short while after being made redundant, but with months of struggling to make ends meet on the dole he couldn’t turn down the cash in hand job that Dale, a friend of a friend of a friend had told him about.
“It’s easy money mate,” Charlie remembered him saying, “just pick a car up and take it to where it’s gotta go, easy money.”


Opening paragraph for Hoppy Lottie and the Billy Bad-Breath. Discussing artwork, currently unedited.

Author Mel RJ Smith

One sunny day, as the flowers were dancing in the breeze a rabbit named Hoppy Lottie poked his little nose and big ears out of his hole.

Hoppy was only 1 years of age, but still he loved to explore.
“Where are you off to today, Hoppy?” His mummy, Mrs Lottie asked.
“I’m going to get some carrots ffffor our tea, they’re my ffffavorite.” He said.
“And how many does my big brave bunny think he can carry?” His daddy, Mr Lottie asked.
“I can carry ffffive or more.” Hoppy replied.
“Well don’t hop too far and be careful of the Billy bad breath.” Mummy and daddy warned him.
A Billy bad breath, What’s a Billy bad breath? Hoppy wondered as he dashed across the warren and into Mrs Greenfield’s garden.
Hoppy liked this place and he wriggled his whiskers, smelling the air.
“Yummy ffffruit.” He said.