My interview as a writer

I had the pleasure of being asked to take part in an interview by Tim I Gurung, a fellow author who’s a writer of conscience and righteousness.

1. Tell me something about yourself first and how you decided to become a writer?

Besides being a self published author, I work full time as night manager in a hotel (where I get some writing done, don’t tell the boss. ) I started writing back in 2012, when I became seriously ill with Septicaemia. It was then as I was laid up in bed, I looked back on my life and ‘Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy’ was born.

2. When you started writing and what makes you keep on writing?

As mentioned I started to write, well properly write in 2012 and the love of seeing my words come together along with the characters it brings with it inspires me and keeps me writing.

3. What was your first book and how many books have you published since then?

My first book, published in 2015 was ‘Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy’ I have no recent publications but some in the pipeline.

4. Why writing is so important for you and what you want to achieve from writing?

The joy of writing. Being able to immerse myself in the plot and bring characters to life for my adventures. Even if they are inside my head. I would love to be a famous author and who knows, one day that might happen.

5. What genre do you write and what is the hardest part of your writing?

I write in various genre including Memoir, Adventure, Thriller, Humour and even a children’s picture book. I find that the hardest part for me is not in the writing but in the marketing.

6. Which author(s) inspired you the most and why?

Well some of the first books I read were ‘Watership Down’ by Richard Adams and a horror writer, Steve Harris. As they were both based around the area I grew up in I could relate to their stories. Jack Higgins has to be one of my favourites too, I love the way sets the scene with the past troubles in Ireland and more recently John le Carre with The Night Manager, his writing style has inspired me with my own writing.

7. What is your writing style and how you differentiate your writing from other fellow writers?

I don’t plan and maybe I should, but I either get the title and the ideas for the story and start writing or the title comes later once I get into it a bit. So I guess that’s what makes me different.

8. Why do people think self-publishing is still a vanity or even stigma and how you going to change that?

I don’t know why they would with so many writers self publishing these days, yes the competition is fierce. My understanding of vanity publishers is that most charge you to publish with then, unlike traditional mainstream publisher. How would I change that? Well either be persistent and approach as many publishers as I’m able, but without an agent it’s not easy. Failing that I publish myself.

9. Why marketing is so important for indie authors and what steps are you taking for your own marketing needs?

I am not a marketer per-say, but I’m certainly getting to that way of thinking. I have learned that building your author platform as just as important as the writing and should be started as soon as you put pen to paper or in my case, finger to screen. I now have a good following on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook and just started to blog with WordPress.

10. What is your opinion on e-book and do you think people will eventually choose e-book over physical book and why?

I feel that it’s a growing market and fairly easy to produce, but personally I would much rather sit with a physical book in my hands.

11. What are you writing now and what is your expectation from this new book?

I have recently finished ‘A Time for Adventure.’ The clue to genre is in the title. This has been proofed and edited I’m now just waiting to start the ball rolling on a cover design. I have also written a Children picture book, this is currently under development and I’m in the process of writing a thriller called ‘Escape’

12. Where can people find more about your works?

It would be great to connect on the following social networking sites.

Thank you so much for your time, really appreciated and I take this opportunity to wish you again for all the best. Hey, keep on writing, the world needs you! – TIM I GURUNG/AUTHOR AT ISSLCARE –


Published by: melrjsmith

I started to write back in 2012 and self published my debut book in 2015. Since then I have written a Time Travel adventure and as of March 2016 writing a thriller.

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