That Christmas Eve Night

It was the night before Christmas and all was still,
As santa and reindeers flew over the hills.
First there was Rudolf leading the sleigh
With his nose so bright lighting the way.

Next it was Comet, Dancer then Blitzen
Behind them was Donner, Prancer and Vixen,
Cupid and Dasher were last but not least,
As they all looked forward, on carrots to feast.

‘Ho Ho Ho and off we go,’ said Santa atop his sleigh
For a special young lady awaits a gift, her name is Molly May.
The sleigh bound on and they all took flight
Off to see Molly, that Christmas Eve night.

On a roof far below, all covered in snow,
Was where he had to be.
He’d wrinkle his nose, then wriggle his toes
And appear right next to her tree.

Molly May was all snuggled, her eyes were closed tight
Her dreams were of daddy, that Christmas Eve night.
She’d left out some milk, some mince pies too
And wrote a note saying ‘Santa these are for you.’

As Santa sat placing gifts under the tree,
He heard footsteps above and guessed who it might be.
‘You’re here, you’re here,’ she yelled with delight
As Molly saw Santa that Christmas Eve night.

She danced round the room and twice round the tree,
She danced over to Santa and sat on his knee.
‘Well Molly,’ he said, ‘it seems I’ve been caught,
But with me tonight, a special present I’ve brought.’

He reached in his sack and dug really deep,
Then pulled out a present for Molly to keep.
It sparkled, it shone and looked really bright,
A letter from daddy that Christmas Eve night .

‘Oh Santa please read it, this presents the best,’
She said closing her eyes, her head on his chest.
She thought of her daddy so far far away,
And wished he be there the next Christmas Day.

This is that letter, the one that he read
As daddy looked down, kissing her head.
This is that letter, as he held Molly so tight,
On that wonderfully special Christmas Eve night.


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